Pan Pacific Foods (RMI) Inc.

Majuro, Marshall Islands
Pan Pacific Foods (RMI) Incorporated was established in 2007. The company comprises of RMI flagged and China flagged vessels. The vessels which supplies to the loining plant are domestic flags and charter vessels. The vessels operate generally in the Western and Central Pacific Region.

The plant processes a maximum of 40MT of skipjack tuna and produces a maximum of 16MT of tuna loins/flakes daily. The company employs more than 30 expats and provides local employment to more than 300 people. The products also include fish meal processed from by-catch fish and skipjack rejects from loin processing.

The company has its own power supply and water supply through Reverse Osmosis. It also has 4 large cold storage with -200C and storing capacity of 2000MT. The plant has a Quality Assurance internal laboratory.
The company exports a variety of products including whole round fish, tuna loins/flakes to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, China, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico and other countries in South America.


Licensed Vessel

  • JIN HUI 9
  • JIN HUI 8

Export by Species/Product type

  • Bigeye                                 
  • Skipjack/Yellowfin            
    • Frozen Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna Round: 124.2 mt 
  • Skipjack: 594.33 mt
    • Frozen Precooked Loins: 148.97 mt
    • Frozen Pre-cooked flakes: 96.78 mt
    • Frozen Precooked Loin/Flakes mixed: 25.80 mt
    • Frozen Tuna Whole Round: 322.77 mt
  • Yellowfin: 
    • Frozen Whole Round: 336.71 mt
  • Bigeye: 9 mt
    • Frozen Whole Round: 8.9 mt
    • Frozen Pre-cooked: 0.1 mt
  • Skipjack/Yellowfin: 124.2 mt
  • Skipjack: 1,912.08 mt
    • Fishmeal, Stabilized: 0.122 mt
    • Frozen precooked Loins 10%: 223.46 mt
    • Frozen precokked Flakes: 108.45 mt
    • Frozen precooked Loins: 125.001 mt
    • Frozen precooked loins single cleaning: 346.731 mt
    • Frozen Whole Round: 1,095.305 mt
  • Yellowfin: 1,345.07 mt
    • Frozen Whole Round: 1,345.07
  • Bigeye
  • Skipjack/Yellowfin: 77.40 mt
    • Frozen Round: 77.40 mt
  • Skipjack: 2,345.44 mt
    • Fishmeal, Stabilized: 0.06 mt
    • Frozen Precooked Lions: 100.56 mt
    • Frozen precooked single cleaning 10%: 396.44 mt
    • Frozen Round: 51.396 mt
    • Frozen Whole Round: 1,797 mt
  • Yellowfin: 533.33 mt
    •  Frozen Whole Round: 533.33 mt
  • Bigeye
  • Skipjack/Yellowfin
  • Skipjack: 1,273.93 mt
    • Frozen precooked loins single cleaning 10%: 298.85 mt
      • Frozen Whole Round: 975.078 mt
  • Yellowfin: 1,693.80 mt
    • Frozen Whole Round: 1,693.80 mt


Vessel: Lometo, Lomalo, Jinhui18
Vessel: JihYu868, JihYu968, Lometo, Lomalo, JinHui18, JinHui1, Lojet, JinHui8
Vessel: Jinhui18, Jinhui58, Lomalo,Jinhui1, Jinhui9, Jinhui7, Lojet, Lometo, Jinhui6, Taching666
Vessel: Lojet, Jinhui8, Jinhui18, Jinhui1, Jinhui9, Jinhui3, Chingfeng787, Jinhui7, Lometo, Lomalo
Vessel, Marshalls101, Marshalls202, Jinhui1, Jinhui2, Jinhui3, Jinhui6, Jinhui7, Jinhui8, Jinhui9, Jinhui18, Lojet, Lometo, Lomalo, Winfar666
Vessel: Jinhui3, Jinhui7, Jinhui8, Jinhui9, Lomalo, Lometo , Lojet, Chingfeng787,
Vessel: Jinhui2, Jinhui6, Jinhui7, Lomalo, Lojet, Lometo, Pohnpei1, capefarrat, Taching666, Koos101, Marshall201, Chingfeng787
Datasource: PPF Unloading


P.O. Box 1289 Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960

Tel No. (692) 625-7730
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