Sewage Outfall


"Graphic images of the many problems with the sewage outfall pipe."


Partnership finds big issues

MIMRA partnered with the College of the Marshall Islands and the University of Hawaii's Sea Grant Program to conduct an underwater assessment of the condition of Majuro's sewage outfall and wastewater line and what impact it is having on the marine environment in the area. The outfall and wastewater line and the reef slope beyond the outfall were assessed. Spot check photos and a video transect were done. The survey showed that one section of the wastewater line in the shallows was missing and other sections bearing holes from corrosion, abrasion, and impact damage.

While the outfall originally terminated on the slope at 20 meters depth, for many years now the outfall has releasing sewage in about 2.5 meter depth on the reef flat. the abraded reef slope directly below the outfall is deviod of any new coral settlement. it is believed that the Hypnea sp. seaweed that is seen along the reef is likely brought about by many years of untreated discharge on the reef shallows.

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