Outer island Resource Management


"Five outer island projects were funded through the Outer Islands Resource Management Fund. Projects were funded in the amount of $20,000 each for Ailuk, Namdrik, Namu, Arno and Rongelap. The projects range from fish farming in lagoon cages to pearl farming and lagoon management"

MIMRA's Outer Islands Resource Management fund was launched in FY 2013

The Coastal Fisheries Division operates to ensure that outer island communities benefit from fishing projects and aquaculture/mariculture projects. MIMRA continues to encourage the development of culture fisheries and aquaculture for their potential to contribute to improving national fisheries production capacity and to stimulate local economies.

The Coastal Fisheries Division deals mainly with developing and managing community-based projects that provide benefits at the community level. The Division
coordinates and consults with traditional leaders and local government councils during the planning and development stages of projects. Additionally, the Division consults with and advises local communities for development of sustainable management plans for inshore or coastal fisheries resources. An important aspect of the work with outer islands is to ensure community awareness of MIMRA policies and plans, and MIMRA’s role and capacity to provide assistance to communities. The combination of limited staff, survey, policy and implementation work demands on Majuro, and transportation difficulties with Air Marshall Islands meant that MIMRA was able to send teams to only two outer atolls during FY2013.

At the same time, the division ensures the implementation of action plans and strategies. These plans and strategies reflect policy decisions made by the MIMRA Board of Directors, recommendations from sub-regional, regional and international organizations that RMI is a party to, and other policy-related activities that concern coastal fisheries. MIMRA continues focusing management measures on sustainable resource practices to achieve community and local government fisheries development projects in a sustainable manner. In-house capacity building and community trainings are primary objectives for encouraging communities to continue to be self-sufficient and take charge of their resources.

MIMRA’s new Outer Islands Resource Management Fund was launched in FY2013 with the first four grants to outer islands local governments. The purpose of the new fund is to provide a source of supplemental funding to outer islands communities and local governments to support projects related to the sustainable use and management of both marine and terrestrial resources. This funding links with MIMRA’s ongoing work supporting the Reimaanlok process and the regional Micronesia Challenge by helping to promote conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the Marshall Islands. For the first time during FY2013, local governments and community groups from outer islands were invited to submit proposals to MIMRA for projects promoting sustainable resource management within their atoll, island, or community.

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