Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation


MIMRA and the Japan-based Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) have a 25-year partnership for developing coastal fishing opportunities on the outer islands. OFCF cooperation began the Fisheries Development Assistance for Pacific Island Nations (FDAPIN) project in the Marshall Islands in 1992. Beginning with 1995, FDAPIN II was implemented for a duration of five years.
This second phase consisted of assistance ranging from repairs and restoration of fisheries facilities and equipment, to related skills, technology and knowledge being transferred. Each year, during the annual OFCF Japan/ Pacific Island Nations Fisheries Directors Meeting on Fisheries Cooperation, OFCF receives requests from the Marshall Islands and other Pacific countries for FDAPIN projects.
After conducting field surveys and consultations with MIMRA, the scope of the projects are developed and followed by a drafting and signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and Implementation Plan.
This year, MIMRA requests that were implemented with the support of the OFCF:
  • Maintenance and Restoration of MIMRA transport vessels.
  • Repair and maintenance of MIMRA ice plants.
  • Advice provided to MIMRA workshop engineers for stable operation of MIMRA transport boats, ice plants and fishing boats.
Requests submitted for consideration for next fiscal year 2015/2016 are as follows:
  • Replacement and repair of KAFMC radio network system
  • Maintenance and repair of MIMRA transport vessels
  • Repair and maintenance of MIMRA ice plants
  • Advice for management of MIMRA fish bases
In addition to OFCF FDAPIN funding, MIMRA’s annual budget allocated funds to complement the Japan support in order to ensure repair work necessary for other MIMRA facilities and equipment happened during the fiscal year. This work included:
  • Yearly dry dock and maintenance service and repairs of all MIMRA fish transport vessels (Jolok, Timur, Jebro, Lentanir and Laintok).
  • Jaluit community boat repair: Nine boats.
  • Wotje fish base maintenance and repair: Ice machine and outboard engine repairs.
  • Arno fish base and Ine subfish base maintenance and repair: Building repairs and ice machine maintenance.
  • OIFMC, Majuro maintenance and repair: Ice machine maintenance and inspection and OIFMC equipment inspection and maintenance.
  • Namu fish base maintenance and repair: Repairs to water catchment tanks and assessment report for other repairs needed.
  • Likiep Loto Giant Clam Hatchery maintenance and repair: Raceway tank maintenance.
  • Woja, Majuro hatchery maintenance and repair: Building repairs and grounds clearing for proposed new tanks.
  • Arno Giant Clam Hatchery maintenance and repair: on Arno Giant Clam Hatchery: Building repairs and electrical wiring check.
  • MIMRA vehicle maintenance service and repair: Eight vehicles.
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