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"The Coastal Management Advisory Council met with the Majuro Atoll Local Government and discussed many areas of mutual interest, including the level of coral bleaching that occurred as a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon."


The Coastal management Advisory Council (CMAC) was formed in 2000 to facilitate cooperation among organizations involved in both marine and terrestrial resource management.

CMAC meets regularly to share current work and collaborate to ensure the most effective use of available resources. Among notable activities in 2015:

  • A three-day strategic planning workshop was held in January to finalize its SAP draft with assistance provided by Elizabeth Terk, Protected Areas Advisor, from The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
  • CMAC and others worked together with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program to develop RMI's State of Environment (SOE) Report, updating the 1992 Marshall Islands SOE and National Environment Management Strategy and contributing to the RMI National Strategic Plan. The report included: Atmosphere and Climate; Marine; Land; Culture and Heritage; Biodiversity; the Built Environment; and Nuclear Testing Legacy.
  • CMAC held an information-sharing session with MALGov and Marshall Islands Mayors Association, briefing the leaders on CMAC's role and the Reimaanlok process with particular focus on the fisheries management ordinance template, and options/recommendations for establishing fishing seasons or no take areas as temporary mitigation measures for protecting the coral reef ecosystem. Marshall islands Conservation Society provided information on El Niño, herbivorous fish and coral bleaching. The exchange of information was well received by the mayors. MIMRA hopes to conduct one-on-one consultations on a more regular basis with the respective local governments to update on current/ongoing projects and issues that relate to coastal/marine.

Coral bleaching as a result of El Niño

Coral bleaching as a result of El Niño
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