Increase in sales of outer island fish to Ebeye, Majuro

Outer Island Fish Market Center

The Outer islands Fish Market Center (OIFMC) on Majuro bought fish from Arno (33 trips), Maloelap (8 trips), and Mili, and Likiep (1 trip each). In 2015, fishers in these seven atolls earned $129,307.35 for the $ 109,875.7 pounds of fish purchsed for sale in the Majuro market. This is an increase over the $116,853.13 earned by outer islands fisher from sale to the OIFMC in Majuro in 2014.

OIFMC enforced quality and size limits on the fish that are brought in from the outer is- lands. With fuel costs remaining high, OIFMC grouped atolls for its fish pick-up visit (Wotje-Likiep, Wotje-Ailuk, and Aur-Maloelap) to maximize the amount of fish per trip landed on Majuro.

The number of fish collection trips decreased from  88  in  2014  to  56  due  to  unfavorable ocean conditions, repairs and maintenance on MIMRA vessels, and an increase in emergency medical evacuation charters requested by the Ministry of Health.

Kwajalein Atoll Fish Market Center (KAFMC) now has a vessel to use for trips to its fish base partners and projects. Due to limited availability and high cost of fuel on Ebeye, however, trips were limited and inconsistent, with Namu, Likiep, Ailuk, and Jaluit receiving one fish pick up trip each. Still, KAFMC supplied limited amounts fish to the Ebeye community through direct purchase of fish from these atolls as well as from Ebeye fishers.

In 2015, fishers received $29,011.90 for fish and $5,820.79 for local produce sold to the KAFMC, an increase in both categories over 2014. Ailinglaplap fishing activities remain on hold due to ciguatera concerns. A team from Majuro is to be dispatched to assess the situation.



The MIMRA boat Lentanir, hauled out for maintenance purposes.


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